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Inflatable Flying Blimps


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Fly your Brand high – for all to see.

The giant inflatable blimp, Zeppelin. 5 meter long.

Comes with a 1 year carry in warranty on the workmanship only. Requires helium to float in the sky Please beware that proper care needs to be taken when using the Blimp – Every night the Blimp should be pulled down as well as in windy/stormy weather and kept in a sheltered area.

Main Advantages: Message high in the sky, collapsible, unique and novel – will be seen by everyone from miles around

Disadvantages: Dependent on weather and the cost of helium

Demand attention with these high flying, eye-catching Blimps! These Giant 17′ (5 meters) Blimps are made of reusable lightweight polyvinyl.

Branded on both sides. The blimp is 5m x 6.2m and holds approximately 410 cubic feet / 11,609 litres of helium.

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Dimensions 30 × 30 × 30 cm


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