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Optima XD (Diesel) Industrial Steamer



Optima XD

Optima XD Complete and simplified cleaning operation with All-In-One OPTIMA STEAMER™

User-friendly TFT LCD Display

TFT LCD Module helps operators to see the
operating status~. fault messages, maintenance
remedy messages more clearly in the form of status
icons or coloured boxes or simple text formats.

Simple visual check on tank level

Tank level gauge located on the outside of the tank
helps operators to see the water (fuel) level visually.
It is durable to high heat in a demanding environment.

Easy maintenance

One-Touch Sliding Locks slash maintenance time,
reduce business downtime and improve your
production efficiency.

Emergency Stop Button

When danger exists on the machine, it has to be
immediately shut down, in order to protect
operators and machine. EMERGENCY-STOP
button is the ideal solution to initiate a standstill.143500

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